Journey of Identity


As a child, nothing really truly phases you. Your only troubles are if you're going to miss the next Duck Tales episode or what games you'll be playing the next day at school. As you get older, you start liking things despite what others think of you. You begin defining yourself and who you are. I think that when you get to high school, you really start thinking about that. Sadly, some people lose themselves just to fit into a group they'd like to be associated with. 
I've always been certain of who I am, of what I like, and who are my friends. Even in high school, I was my crazy self. Unlike most people, I didn't "lose myself" at the moments we're suppose to. Sadly, I let someone do that to me. I lost myself trying to fit into someone else's world. The saddest part of that is, I saw myself drifting further from what was special and important to me, and I kept going. I wanted to lose myself for that person whom didn't care about me at all. I regret that. I carelessly let my identity disappear. Since then, since the heartbreak, I've realized so many things.
 I have amazing people in my life. I rather not name names, for sake of privacy, but my best friend, V has always been there through everything, EVERTHING. Then J and A always have time for me, and make me realize the truth even when I don't want to see things (which everyone needs). LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!
A & J

Then there are the new people that come into your life at the right moment, R. They appreciate you and try to make you happy when you're in your lowest. Patience and understanding...they make you realize you haven't been yourself. And am I grateful that they've made me come back to my normal self again. I am no longer lost! I've been kicking life's butt harder now. 

So I'd like to say thank you to the closest people in my life!!!

 And I'd also like to say, don't let anyone ever do that to you, to change who you are. That's a huge sign of what to run from. Time to continue enjoying life, love, and friends. 


  1. Ok I think am about to cry! Love you very much doll Muah!♥

    1. Love you too! You're an amazing friend ☺


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