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Project 2018

These past couple of months have been a complete readjustment. From financial responsibilities to personal issues I've had to face head on. That's life. The good and bad are a never ending roller coaster, the waves of good are followed by those gut wrenching horrendous parts. You shut your eyes and then someone hold your hand and they remind you that even in the worst parts of the ride, there's always that silver lining, even the most minimal part of fun or humor. Life always start to feel conquerable when you have the right people by your side. 
From the group of people that always have my back is Fenix. Yes, once again it's #hashtagFenix.  I've been spending time away from a computer screen to write my thoughts in a journal. It's been nice to journal and doodle, anywhere and anytime. Fenix and Tommi also journal. In Fenix's last visit, December 2017, we decided to embark in a new journey together. Our relationship only gets stronger with time despite the…

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