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In life, I've been a knowledge seeker. I yearn to learn new things, not just about them but how to do them. That hunger is why I always did my best in school. Even when applying to college, each college I applied to I applied under a different major. I had and continue to have so many interests. I must conquer them. 
Post college life has been interesting. Work-wise, I've for the most part stayed within my field of studies. I love language and its significance among humans. Now, although my love for language and interpreting will always be number one on my list, a new adventure career-wise has appeared. 
I went to a science, math, engineering high school, and I left with a love for art and literature. I never thought I'd end up doing anything remotely similar to anything I did in high school, yet here I am. No, it's not a love for engineering or anything in relation to what an engineer does. It's once again the drive to learn. I want to learn and I want to prove to m…

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