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July 2018: What a Month

Nothing in life is guaranteed; it moves in waves. We constantly coast through the highs and the lows, with efforts of staying afloat. The world we live in is decaying at such a quicken rate around us. Mankind cause so much unrest for itself, and yet many learn to survive; even if it's by a thread.
The human psyche and human behavior have always been a topic that interests me. Lately, I've been pondering about how we react to those big, crappy curve balls life hurls at you. In my youth, I did act very hot-headily, impulsively, and aggressively. With the help of my "papa," I was able to control that better. It was years of trying different methods: from blowing up, to complete silence and harboring feelings. Neither end of the spectrum was healthy. Through art and writing,  I was able to feel better, and react better. 
There have been many odd things happen to me in life. Yes, there have been moments of complete suffocating self-disappointment that lead to a pinnacle of …

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