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That Feeling Followed by Words

I was recently asked if I still blog. Frankly, no. It made me think of why I even started this blog. It wasn't to be famous or anything like that, just an outlet. It made me think about how far I've come from what I loved to do. I have always lived in my dream world, nostalgia. Sadly, I've become a visitor of a land I loved. Lately, I've been getting away from it all, away from everyone. I put my pen to my paper and let it out. I might not blog as much, I but do I write?

I was thinking of you, just as I always do when I write. I wish to inspire you, even if it were but an eighth of how you inspire me. This is for you, FDR...
"Hey there,  I've taken a me day and ended where else but the Old Zoo. It's fall in LA, which means a gloomy morning with sun for the rest of the day. I'm at the end of the abandoned cages and found a nice patch with earthly bed of dried leaves. Obviously, I sat down.

I sit and look up towards the remaining canopy of browns, yell…

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