On the Road Again

Spontaneity this Labor Day weekend brought along a much needed break from the city. Two of my friends (Cynthia & Danny) thought up the idea of going on a road trip. Our destination: Utah. I never really had Utah on my list of "must-see" places. I've been wanting to go to Seattle, Portland, and Idaho. Despite that, I'm glad that I went on this trip!!! 

We headed out Thursday night and stayed in Vegas. I had gone once before to see The Strokes play at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

Friday morning we headed out on the road. Of course it all pretty much looks the same...  but it was amazing! My mind kept thinking about the vastness and how excited I was.  It was over 100 degrees outside, but we were driving, wind blowing in our hair... and the air conditioning as well haha. 

We played our road trip song over and over again, "Undercover of Darkness" by The Strokes. We were in Arizona in no time... then bam! Utah!!!

We made it to Arizona
I love seeing the clouds cast shadows

Utah's red rocks

Mt. Zion National Park was on the trip's list. I don't think I can explain how amazing this canyon looks like in person. The reds, the formations... breath taking. 

Mt. Zion National Park 

one of my favorite shots
We saw this one section of the mountain side that we had to stop at, I tried to get a close up shot of it, of the ridges and swirls. Something that was really cool was that there was a ram up on the top of the mountain. 


We planned to camp for the remainder of the trip. We headed over to Lake Powell (that's the first picture up above). Alright now, I do have to admit... I wasn't sure what state we were in. We kept driving through Arizona and Utah. Lake Powell was on the border of both states. We pitched the tent up just in time. There was a storm headed our way. We watched the lighting in the background as we played Monopoly inside the tent. 

The lake was gorgeous. The water was perfect. I think the whole group agreed that this was a spot to revisit, but with more time. We kept driving and had to cross a dam. We learned that the lake was part of the Colorado River created by the dam. That was a great surprise. We saw the Colorado River!!!! (We were back in Arizona hahaha) To think that that exact river created all of the valleys we saw, to think of that power... it makes you realize of tiny we are in this world. It also makes you grateful to be created and to have all of this to admire.

Our final stop was Monument Valley. It rained a bit on our way there. I had lots of time to think and I even got to write on the road. I pictured myself on a horse out in the open field. Then felt the fresh rain fall upon me as a gazed off into the mountains in the distance. 

I was in awe about the array of colors around us. The mud and it's rich rust color was so different compared to the dry dirt. When we got back into the car, we turned the corner and drove up the road. Now, there's been a sign in our home since I was born, I believe. It's a picture of Monument Valley. It was so bizarre seeing the valley in person. It had been there for ages, and we have the privilege of seeing it. Taking it in completely was impossible. I still can't believe I was there. 

marble looking mud
orangish dirt

for Bruce

This was one of the last images I saw before the sun went down and we headed home. Life was so tranquil those three days. Everything seemed still, everything seemed calm. Life surrounded by nature and creation is so appealing. My friend Diana and I always talk about living away from the city. I think that I'm starting to get to that point in life where I can live away from the city. I want that peace on more than just a weekend basis. I thought a lot as I looked out that window, and I think it helped me know myself even more. Creation is amazing. 


  1. What an amazing trip!!!! And those photos you took amazing! Dude nature can form the most amazing color ever so beautiful! Soooo glad you had fun darling, we all need all need adventure at times and a little nature, especially if we live in LA lol!♥


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