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You know, I'm the social butterfly type of gal. I like meeting new people and all, but I can count my real friends on my two hands. The term friend is used loosely nowadays, and lots of people get offended if they're not considered to be a friend. It's a two way relationship, so I take into consideration my actions as well.

I bring this up because, Val moved this past weekend. For those who are under a rock, that's my bestie. I know that most people say, "well she's not even far from you," but there's more to it. It's been six years since I met Val, but since the first day that I did meet her, she just got it. She understood without explanation who I was and how my family influenced me (even in a negative way). No explanations were needed, and it felt as if we grew up together. 

I grew up surrounded by guys. I had fun adventures and got into lots of trouble. I'm not close to any of them anymore, well probably just Jehu. I never really dealt with girls, so meeting Val came at a perfect time. I met her family, and yes... I totally got it. There were characters in her family just like in mine. We liked the same rock music, we liked fashion (not clothes, actual fashion and style, which is way different than just getting dressed), and we have the same goals. 

Telling her everything and anything came effortlessly. It's to the point where we'll have an entire conversation thru mere eye contact. I'm sure people got annoyed by our inside jokes, but we didn't and don't care, because that's our world. 

We've been thru so many things together, good and bad. I remember one morning, having coffee and telling her how I had just screwed something up in my life. I hurt her so much that moment, it still haunts me. Luckily, we carried on in life, and she was there for me. We'd  go on adventures, even the smallest trip was epic. Pasadena and Disneyland were often frequented. The vehicle was awesome! 

She got used to my family...that's saying a lot. My mom liked her, that's saying even more. We went to so many concerts, and honestly those have been the best ones... the ones with Val. We went out with the gang (Josh & Andy, Gris & Joe), forks were stolen. We "married" the same dude (11/11/11). Dinners, baking, macarons, goldfish, ditto, sunshine, moonshine, bone in the water... just words that mean so much to us hahaha. I guess Val is someone that brought so much more happiness to my life. Yes, I'm sure this all sounds odd to some people, but knowing my background... it makes perfect sense. 

She was there during breakups, one of them that really changed who I was. I remember her telling me how scared she was one day, after not seeing her for a week. I almost fell off of the edge, I had become self-destructive, but having her there helped me. 

About a year or two ago, we had a fight. A big one you can say, and we almost had a falling out. The reasons are ours to know. I just remember Josh say, "you two are so stupid, just get over it, you can't live without each other." He was right, I was stupid... and I went thru things that I wanted to tell her about, but I didn't because of some stupid fight. I'm glad that is in the past. I think during that time, I learned a lot about myself. And one of the things I learned is that I had a friend I finally really came to love. Because of my friendship with her, I've been able to have the others that I treasure now. 

Her moving means not seeing her as much, means changes in other events that we had together. It means she won't be 7 minutes away anymore (yes we timed the car ride), means that room will no longer hold our sleepless sleepovers. So many things happened in that house, so many good memories, dinners, laughs, and so many tears. That house not only held the memories of Josh and Val growing up, memories that I didn't partake in, but it held memories of me growing up in a way. Learning to open up to people, learning to love, and learning that there are people in your life that no matter what, and I mean no matter what, will be there for you. 

We will make more memories and have more laughs at the new house. Here's to you, Val. THANK YOU for everything, especially your patience and love... I love you! 

This is "Sunshine," for my Moonshine ♥


  1. When we first talked to each other
    I knew we would always be friends.
    Our friendship has kept on growing
    And I'll be here for you to the end.

    You listen when I have a problem
    And help dry the tears from my face.
    You take away my sorrow
    And put happiness in its place.

    We can't forget the fun we've had
    Laughing 'til our faces turn blue.
    Talking of things only we find funny
    People think we're insane-If they only knew!

    I guess this is my way of saying thanks
    For catching me when I fall.
    Thanks once again for being such a good friend
    And being here with me through it all.

    I'm sure this is how you feel about her♥


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