New Year, New Adventures

Hello there. I haven't really felt like writing; lack of inspiration to be honest. Seeing what I lastly wrote, yes, I haven't felt inspired.

A few things to update you about are my interests lately. Most of my friends already know about my weekly tradition of listening to Invisibilia: a show about human behavior. I'm obsessed. In high school and throughout college I took courses on psychology, sociology, and linguistics. I love learning about human communication and the "whys" behind it. Each week, a different topic is shared. I won't go thru each one, I want you to listen to them! So insightful. I will share some more information about the first podcast.

Ghost Boy

The first podcast was about Martin Pistorius, a man who was stuck within his body for twelve years. Stuck in his body? Yes. You can find that podcast here. After this podcast, Martin's story stayed with me. I bought his book, read half of it in a day. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read since then. Not because it wasn't interesting, but because I haven't had time.

you know I'm sick when I can't spell

I also got sick for about three weeks. Two weeks at home because of my back, horrible! Last week, I got the flu. I haven't gotten the flu in about three years. Full of vitamin C, I'm doing a bit better.

Page Museum

I've been also hanging out with Brenda and Gama more. It's been so much fun! Plus, I'm listening to new music... so good! I needed new music and everything on the radio sucks. Concerts coming up this year: Interpol, U2, and Foo Fighters...oh yes!

I wanted to get thru all of that in order to share some news... I'M GOING TO EUROPE!!!
It's about time! I'll be blogging about the trip with LR. That is what is driving me right now. A month in Europe. I get to visit Fenix and Tommi, how exciting. I get to see La Alhambra in Spain, speak German in Deutschland, take in art in the Louvre, and so much more! The fashion, art, culture, history... I can't wait. 


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