Diana, the Lane to my Rory

It's been ages since I write. To be honest, I haven't really been inspired in quite some time. It's not to say things haven't been happening... unless you live under a rock you wouldn't know that RADIOHEAD'S new album came out... hello!!!!

But tonight's post isn't about RADIOHEAD, gasp... shocker! It's actually about that lovely lady above, D. I just read her post and it was about me. I had to reciprocate the gesture, not forcefully but because she has to know that I think her to be amazing (kind of like when the entire town was telling Luke to reciprocate Lorelei's serenade). 

Along the years, you decide to move on from people, but there are other moments when you realize you need to let go of some who's beliefs and morals are no longer up to par. Those are some of the hardest moments, moments that D you understand. Through it all, well since we first officially met, I knew this was going to be a friendship I had to take care of. 

Along the years, you continue to amaze me. Even when I hear you speak of your future marriage and see your personal relationship with God, well... I'm proud to call you my friend. We live in a crummy world, but it's not that bad as long I got you... and our coffee dates. 

I sit here in my new room with Black Marble playing, and I know you'll look them up as soon as you read this haha. But I sit here thinking about your wedding day and when we wont have our coffee dates as often, it saddens me, but I can't wait for your new chapter. I love you, kiddo. 


  1. Awwwwww Lin!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!♥

    lol! I did exactly that I looked up that band lol!

    Life will change, but I want to stay close to those that make me happy, YOU make me happy!!! I love you, and I never want to end our coffee dates.... NEVER!!!

    You are the Kristofferson of my life and I'm glad we're different! Miss you!


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