New Avenue

In life, I've been a knowledge seeker. I yearn to learn new things, not just about them but how to do them. That hunger is why I always did my best in school. Even when applying to college, each college I applied to I applied under a different major. I had and continue to have so many interests. I must conquer them. 

Post college life has been interesting. Work-wise, I've for the most part stayed within my field of studies. I love language and its significance among humans. Now, although my love for language and interpreting will always be number one on my list, a new adventure career-wise has appeared. 

I went to a science, math, engineering high school, and I left with a love for art and literature. I never thought I'd end up doing anything remotely similar to anything I did in high school, yet here I am. No, it's not a love for engineering or anything in relation to what an engineer does. It's once again the drive to learn. I want to learn and I want to prove to myself I can conquer once again. 

I haven't gone to school for my new job, and I love that. It proves that higher education doesn't lead to what society considers success; I don't think a career is success. I didn't waste more time,and I'm proud of myself for that. It's about drive, work ethic, and humility. Ask questions, apply your strengths, and be confident. I'm still in the beginning stages of training, but the engineer I'm working with is amazing! She's driven, focus, and I have so much to learn from her. 

I didn't love engineering, just talked to Williams about LOTR and managed to pass the class. I didn't love calculus, but I made DeLaby sit with me in Calc Lab and go through many calc problems with me. I didn't love physics or chemistry, but I survived. I feel more optimistic about this than all those classes. I have to show that it's worth taking a break from interpreting. I need to prove myself again. 


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