5 a.m.

Last week I started running at a local park with an über workout mode friend. I needed to... I don't want to be the type that just sits around at home. We agreed that 5 a.m. would be when we ran. I just think it's funny when he falls asleep since he supposedly is my "trainer." He most definitely kicked my butt last week with I don't know how many sets of lunges after the run. I guess I'll enjoy going back to bed, if I can fall back asleep... 5:30 and he still didn't wake up, haha.


  1. Darling! No phone no communication! Miss your e-mails miss your texts and miss early service with you, Nacho isn’t as funny lol!_ girl you are soon going to have Chloe sevigny legs and Camaron Diaz arms lol! JK!!!! - ♥


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