Bureau... safe keeper of clothes

It's been a while since I posted an entry about my desk, but I mentioned a future project my bureau. I had it for a few years but it was falling apart. My drawers just broke one day, it was to the point where I couldn't open the drawers. Somehow I managed to yank them out... leaving a huge space. Seeing how I share my room (annoying) I always need space, especially since my roommate has so much crap. The space became my shoe space. But of course, I couldn't stand how it looked so I changed it up. By the way, I'm almost done with it... I ran out of paint. 

Second coat

the before and after

shoes' home
Then I found a rug on sale at Target. I measured how much I had to sew in order for the rod to fit in it. I screwed in some hooks and put up the rug. 

screwed in hooks

Basically finished

My garden is coming closer to a reality. I went to get a fence so Greta, my dog, doesn't jump into it. Plus I went to get some soil. 

Half of my fence is up


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