Art Deco and the 1920s

For those who know me and have listened to some of my rants, I am for the most part stuck with the nostalgia of the past, especially the 20s and some of the 30s. Of course every time period has its pros and cons. Whether in France or in America unfortunate events were occurring. One of the things I love about that era had to me the art deco seen in art, clothing, jewelry and especially in architecture. 
Art started in Paris in the 1920s. I think that the best way to describe art deco is geometric shapes!!! Straight edges, natural curves, colors, and symmetry. In certain situations I have picked out designs, dresses, and especially jewelry that I liked and gravitated towards. All of a sudden it hit me, I'm a 1920s gal: Cole Porter, Charlie Chaplin, The Great Gatsby. 
Being a LA girl, I've learned about how busy and glamourous downtown LA was in the 20s. The great thing about that fact is that there are buildings that have amazing architecture. 
Eastern Building

The Biltmore
And we still have places here in LA that remember the past...
Cicada Club
The Edison
... it's time to visit the past. 


  1. Dude! I haven’t stopped by your blog in such a long time, but I have a smashing excuse for my absence. I went on a long vacation with Bruce Wayne! Lol!!as if. Anyways these are some awesome pics! We have to dress up chica!!! I’ve told you several tames right? But time slips by our hands do fast!! ♥


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