Updating for whoever is out there...

Hello to the few readers out there. I've been away from my blog for months. Things have been getting busier but I'm doing well balancing all in my life. One thing that has changed is that I no longer am home all the time. I got another job...yes! At the one and only, Anthropologie !!! So the closet I refurbished is full of new goodies. 
Bruce and Greta had gotten into some recent drama, poison. They're doing well, chilling in the back yard. 
Bruce's tag came

He's so deep...thinking about going for a walk. 
My garden has produced delicious veggies now!!! I have some pictures to share. Super fresh salads at the H-Pad. Something that is awesome about organic veggies is the strong taste they have compared to store bought veggies. The arugula was so strong that I had to throw some lettuce into the mix. The cucumbers are my favorite. I think I need to plant some more snap peas and lettuce. 

Really tasty (excuse my hand, I had just pulled radishes)


                                            Didn't know they grew like this 

Lunch time
Yesterday I had a craft day...making my friend's gift box. It wasn't a box though, check it out...

Replicate and cut

Bringing it all together


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