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hand-painted lion masks

Life...what's there to say about life? Well, it's been busy; it's been hectic; it's been downright frantic... but there are some highlights. 
Most of my life, I have had older friends. I was a kiddie hanging out with those older cooler kids. Now that I'm all "grown up," I try to stay in contact with those friends from my youth. Not just to stay in touch, but they were amazing people back then, and now have made their own amazing families. Most friends are married, and a few are married and with children (no ma'am that's not a 1990s sitcom reference, although the latter was). 
Yes, I know for the majority part of my life I haven't been the one to want children. I've actually been somewhat morbid about the idea. I guess the thought of not being able to have children (not due to myself) was what made me think about children. Of course, in this world, I wouldn't want to have children due to the fact that they would suffer or be negatively influenced despite a parent's hard work, and let's not even talk about those teenage years or technology. But now, now I find myself calm with the idea of children if that were to happen. 
This weekend I spent time with the Leon family: my friend Y and her three amazing children. When I see her and her husband, M (who missed out on the adventure) and their They make me want kids even more. Of course, it's an extremely difficult job! I understand it, it's self-sacrificing and I'm sure frustrating at some points, but there's also that amazing part. 
That part when your child is so happy and thankful that they hug you so tight. Or when they say something so silly that you giggle that your child said something so clever. Or maybe it's that moment where they run to hold your hand, or even that soft breathing as you're holding them while they sleep. 
I'm thankful to have great friends. I'm glad some of them have kids. Whether I do have children or not, I get to enjoy spending time with theirs. 




We had an amazing time at Griffith Park, right by the old zoo (my favorite spot since I was a kiddie). We had an amazing picnic with yummy food and of course, Z's apple juice. The kids played with C while we setup for a late lunch. After that we headed over to the playground... scavenger hunt, presents, and fun. 


the next clue is where?

Unfortunately, my phone was dead by the time we made it up to the observatory for dessert under the star. We were actually surprised for a monthly star gazing event. People brought up their telescopes in order to gaze at planets that are visible at the time. It was amazing seeing Z and J so excited. By that time, R was asleep...he ran around and played monster with mommy. 
By the end of the night, the kids were all asleep and we met up with M and another friend. The adventure time crew was beat too. I'd do it all over again though. My friends are awesome parents, you can see it by the type of children they have. I'm sure it's an extremely difficult job that I cannot understand completely yet, but at the end of the day, children bring so much joy to one's life. 


  1. First time reader... But now I understand what we talked on Sunday about.. Makes sense :*).. And for all those right reasons.. I do agree with you.. That part of having children is the part I try not to think about so I don't feel like I'm missing out..on one of the greatest experience motherhood (parenthood)

    1. Yea like there's a lot of tough times, but great sentimental times too :)


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