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So you know when Holly Golightly starts talking about the mean reds? How it's beyond the blues... well I've had the mean reds in the entirety of February. Only a few things have allowed me to come up for air. February is a horrid month. 

I have to give it up to my forever "pick me up" doll, Diana. On those days that all that the day called for was movies; all I can say is that she knows me well. I'm sure you'll enjoy this post. 


Hands down, one of my favorite directors! Maybe top two... he's duking it out with Hitchcock. I think Wes understands nostalgia (yes, here I go again with nostalgia). The look of his films have a certain tint and grainy feel to them. Yellow. The fashion and the sets are eclectic. The shots and angles are signature Anderson techniques. Even the themes within film give you that warm feel despite the bizarre situations the characters find themselves in, the Tenenbaums. You become involved with the characters' lives. Next week The Gran Budapest Hotel releases... can't wait!


I've recently been discussing Mad Men with Diana, and Don actually says something very interesting, "[...]Nostalgia. It's delicate... but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek, 'nostalgia' literally means, 'the pain from an old wound.' It's a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone.

It's so true. I think that's why I'm intoxicated by anything that causes that twinge in my heart. Wes' films do it for me. 

story of my life
 By the way, Die... have you seen this at Saks?


  1. Wes Anderson, If you analyze “The Royal Tenebaaums” “The Darjeeling Limited” and many more, they have a heartwarming message, bringing friends & family together I just came to this conclusion. Hey I bet if we put on our creativity cap on we could totally make that t-shirt! Let’s make it our little project. Oh Don I really don’t have words to explain how intrigued I am by his character! On one hand I dislike his lack of loyalty but on the other he is Awesome! {no further words }this post was so adorably intelligent .♥


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