Kate Moss and Topshop

Back in the day, H & M wasn't around in California. My sister and I would buy loads of stuff when we'd go to NY or we'd ask for certain things from friends that would be in NY. I liked it to be honest, I wouldn't have to worry about other gals wearing the same outfit as me. Now, that's changed a bit lol. Thank god for Anthropologie!

The same story went for Topshop... love Topshop! And I love getting things from there when my cousin Fenix visits from London. Now there's a Topshop at The Grove. I still have time to shop there before everyone else does...eek... urgency! I think it might interest you to know about Kate Moss' line there... yes, the one and only Kate Moss. Di, I think you'll love it! 

I took the quiz in order to see "which Kate Moss I am," and I think Topshop nailed it on the results, click here for the quiz. Then I look into her Tailoring Noir and...it's 1920s inspired!! GASP!!! I must go to Topshop ASAP!


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