Meiner Geburstag Wochenende

Hi all! So I haven't written since my birthday; it's been about two weeks. I've been up to the usual... work, friends, reading, music, and just taking it easy.

Anyways, here are some pictures of that weekend haha.

Natürlich, habe Ich zum Wurstküche gehen! We got table 25...

I wanted to go to Santa Barbara that weekend, and my family agreed. Of course, being my family, they all flaked so we went to the Arboretum.


Looooooooved the Chinese Snowballs

Beach Day

Quick bike ride from Dockweiler to Manhattan... it got super windy on the way back! It was intense haha. I got a great bracelet set from Free People too :)

Manhattan Beach Creamery

By the way, this is the bracelet ...


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