Du und diene Scheiße

Ich bin auf diene Scheiße müde!!!

Honestly, this year has been interesting. There's been a lot of good, and new people I'm grateful to have met. Friends traveling, others moving to New York, and others in wonderful relationships. At times, other things and idiotic people's Scheiße block all the goodness. 

I"m still surprised at how selfish people can be, especially those so-called friends. As Val and I say, "I call BS on you!" Sorry to speak this way, but I'm tired of people that take advantage of my friendships with them. I'm always there listening to their problems and giving advice, even when their issues aren't issues at all. But if I ever do trust try to ask for their opinion in certain aspects, they "can't get involved" or other a-hole comments like that. Then, the last straw, turning their back on you for a stranger. Someone who hasn't spent years putting up with your crap and listening to you. It's funny and sad how humans have been doing that for ages: trusting someone who hasn't given you reasons to trust them and being as ass to those that have always been there. 

Yes, today is another rant. But honestly, step off (I'd use another four letter word). No one needs a crappy butt "friend." I'm done with people taking advantage of my personality. I told one of my real friends the other day that I feel like I should be a butt to people from now on. It seems like those kind of people get what they want without getting trampled on. 

Good riddance you ------. 


  1. “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free. Until they find someone, just as wild to run with.” .... you know I love you right?? and forget about those dumb "friends" in your life, you know what you want, you might not have it at the moment but you sure know what you want and that's attractive and people stick to you like bee's to honey.. but forget about those fake friends not worth your time babe.


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