Weddings on my mind...


All capital letters and exclamation marks. I've had a close friend get married before, but he's a guy. Things are different between girls. Especially when it comes to me and my rare chick friends. I don't have many extremely close chick friends, I can count them on one hand. So this is an extremely joyous event. 

To see how my friend has come to truly love this man, well I think their story is what fairytales use as inspiration. When I see her happiness, it makes me so grateful to see it all happen. Lately I've questioned the lack of loyalty in past friends. It's a horrible feeling loosing friends, but it does help you appreciate true friendships. 

I rather leave identities anonymous... discretion is key. But I do want to say that I love you, dear. I cannot wait to be there and witness the joining of two amazing people. You will be a great wife... you have been an amazing friend, sister, and daughter. I love you so much. 

Now time to start planning... 


  1. I love you!!!!♥ and will always be your friend! and its wonderful that both of us get to enjoy the most important stages of life with one another yay!


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