Fall Fashions

Autumn, Otoño, Herbst, Outono... whatever you may call it... it's here!

I LOVE Fall... everything about it makes me feel extremely happy. Sadly, I think having anything remotely close to Fall or even Winter almost impossible now in LA. I want those rainy days so I can be out and about in the rain. I love having adventures, going out for walks and hikes. Even finding those remote spots of trees that actually do change colors. My favorite time to go to New York is in October, it's the best. I'm planning a trip for next October for sure! Plus... I have a new job!!! Yes... the feelings of a mundane life are over. That's exactly what I needed to distract me from everything that's happened this past month.

Of course, I still work at Anthro... I would be crazy to give that up! I love working here. Another amazing thing about Fall is fashion! I did some shopping yesterday, you know, since I got a new job and all haha. Here are just a few favorites.

So this is the Quilted Tema Dress with the Shawled Wool Sweater and the white Brooglie Faux-Fur Cowl. This is THE OUTFIT for fall! Just wish it gets colder... yay!

Quilted Tema Dress


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