Paranoid Androids

Seeing how it's Monday, I got to make it to Bottega Louie. That's where I met Joshua (I think he said Joshua). When I walked in, I immediately zoned into one of his tattoos. I asked if I could see it, and I was elated since I was right! RADIOHEAD's "Street Maps!" I love meeting fellow Radiohead fans. He even said that I'm the first person who saw it and knew what it actually was, I'm so proud of myself haha. 

Street Maps

Joshua and I both saw Radiohead for the first time at The Greek Theater back in 2006. Honestly, I couldn't believe it. I stood there staring at Thom and my beloved Jonny, and I still can't believe it. My brothers and friend had gone to see them many times before. I remember there bragging about the setlist, Thom's dancing, and hanging out with Elijah Wood (FRODO LIVES) and Alicia Silverstein. I was jealous, I was jealous for not meeting Frodo, but more because I had missed out on so many Radiohead shows. It was finally my time to experience it. And as I stared in awe, I teared up, honestly. Especially with "All I Need."

I last saw them in Santa Barbara back in 2012. Having it rain down on the audience as Thom sang Paranoid Android, well for those who know the song, you'll know. 

Oh, and side note, much respect to Joshua because he rightfully spoke about Stanley Donwood! 

I don't have any tattoos, but if I ever got one (which I'm not), I'd get "Meeting People is Easy" picture on the back of my neck. 

Meeting People is Easy

After multiple hours of watching all these inked shows, I do have to say I'm a bit obsessed with tattoos now. I pay more attention to them. Seeing bad ones make me feel sad for the person. Then I start to wonder why they got them, since people for the most part get one to remember a special event or person in their lives. 

Yes, RADIOHEAD is my favorite band. I remember when Pablo Honey came out. Yes, I was a kid, but Radiohead became part of my life's soundtrack early on. Seeing how I have two older brothers, I was raised with exquisite musical taste ;) haha. Radiohead has been a huge part of trying to keep my sanity through all the horrible times. I can remember listen to How to Disappear Completely, Bullet Proof, Motion Picture Soundtrack, and Life in a Glass House on those worst days. Even crying myself to sleep while Exit Music played on repeat. Phrases like "breathe, keep breathing, don't loose your nerve," and "I'm not here, this isn't happening" actually made me feel better. 

I have to listen to music that in unison with how I feel. I know, others listen to music that cheers them up when they're sad, but not me. I think I need to get those feelings out when they're negative. Once I get it out of my system, I feel better. 

Watching films and hearing Radiohead on the background is always satisfying as well. Hearing the first strums of Talk Show Host, and Thom's "I want too..." sent chills when I first watched the modern Romeo + Juliet. Or even hearing them in Vanilla Sky. Johnny's There Will Be Blood is amazing too. 

Then, I remember listening to "True Love Waits" and understanding the self-sacrificial attitude. Willing to give so much to a person you love. Then, I later on, I sadly came to comprehend the song in its entirety: the despair and attempt to keep that love by giving up all you are. To this day, "True Love Waits" is my favorite Radiohead song. I don't think of it as the love I have had for one specific person... it's more about me still having hope in love itself, in true love that is out there. I've only applied that song to one person in my past relationships, and I'm happy I was able to feel it applicable to someone even if I admit I'm glad it didn't work out haha. 

 I can go on for hours about RADIOHEAD!!! I love them for so many moments in my life. Thanks for making me reminisce, Joshua. I am and forever will be a Paranoid Android. 


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