ME Day

I've been working six days a week now, and I'm loving it. The funny thing is that even when I do get a day off, I enjoy it more than when I worked only three days a week.

Today was "me day." I decided to have my own at-home spa day. I head to toe treatment. 

I have a dry scalp so I have a concoction that I use as a moisturizing mask for my scalp and hair. If you have this issue, just look for these items in your cabinet and try it out. 

1 tablespoon of honey
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of conditioner
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
few drops of tea tree oil

I don't have a microwave so I temper all of this on the stove. Once it's cooled off, I section off parts of my hair. I apply it on the creases and then use the excess on my loose hair. Then you just cover it with a shower cap. 

I started with that because I like to leave it in as long as possible. The least I've done is an hour. I keep the water on a lower heat because I use that to open up my pores. How? I grab a towel, put it over my head as I lean over the pot of water (once it's off the fire). I drop one drop of eucalyptus oil in it, two at most. It's best to tweezer eye brows when you're pores are open. Usually after a warm shower while the door is still closed. In this case, since I did the steam thing (I'll look up the name later) I take advantage and threaded my eyebrows. 
I use my facial wash, add some sugar and scrub... exfoliate! Get rid of the dead skin. 

A lot of people overlook their lips... mistake! Soft lips are the best. I grab an extra toothbrush and put a bit of honey on it. Then I gently scrub my lips, GENTLY. It also takes away the dead skin, especially since it's getting a bit cooler here in LA (finally). That's one of my best-kept tips, if anyone's on the other side of those lips, you'll know why. 

So now what?
Relaxation time. A few weeks ago, I spent a Sunday morning in a bath. Not because I wanted to relax, but because I had a skin allergy. I soaked in a milk-oatmeal bath. I hadn't had a bath since I was a child, but it was relaxing. So that's what I did today... I drew a hot bubble bath and added some eucalyptus oil drops to add to the relaxation. I lit some candles, put on Sigur Rós, grabbed an Albert Camus book, and just soaked. 

I'm not sure how many hours I was in there... it was so relaxing. Before getting out, I washed out my hair under the shower. 

Once again, my pores are open (the shower) so I usually end things with a face mask. Depending on whether your skin is dry or oily, you'll mix up the next ingredients. 
Dry skin ingredients:
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon of yogurt (or banana)

Oily skin:
1 egg white 
lemon juice

The oily skin recipe shrinks and tightens pores. Trust me, your skin will look amazing after either mask. There's tons and tons of alternate recipes for your face that you can create with the ingredients in your kitchen (that'll be another post). 

Teeth whitening. Yes teeth whitening, and yes, you can just go to the store and buy some random product that basically stripes enamel from your teeth. This may seem bizarre, but it works. 

baking powder

If you don't know, I'm hispanic and latina; so a lot of homeopathic things are handed down by previous generations. Grab the tortilla and burn it, until it's black. If you have a mortar and pestle, grind it until it's powder. Mix that with the baking powder. Grab an extra tooth brush. I put a thin layer of toothpaste on it so the powder mix actually stays on. Then I brush my teeth. I try to keep the paste on my teeth for a while and then rinse... brighter than before!

I tend to leave the TV off when I'm home alone. Today wasn't that case. I came across Peaky Blinders. It's so good! It's set in England in 1919. The cast is awesome: Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Pail Anderson, and Sam Neil. So now I'll make a cup of tea, grab my blanket and veg out. 


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