maps of her design... first time.

... first time.

They sat adjacent to each other as the stars above looked down with lovesick eyes. He sat there listening to her lips softly sing words from their lives' soundtrack. A familiar tune caused her to turn and warmly smiled singing words that in that moment weren't just mere lyrics but a melodic desire, "for once in my life, let me get what I want; lord knows it would be the first time." And in that moment that his eyes met hers, she felt something she had never experienced. He saw HER. Not just a girl he had grown up with, but he finally saw who she truly was, this beautiful person. That moment was an eternity that was strange to her, but she innately wanted to bask in the feeling he was creating. She felt loved and was scared that it would go away. He placed his hand on her cheek, drawing nearer and nearer until he ceased her melodic desire with a kiss. His arms embrassed her closer to him and once in his safe arms, she knew she belonged there. She listened to his heartbeat for a moment, then slowly met his eyes and once again uttering, "lord knows it would be the first time." 


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