L² Take: London

First stop: Fenix-ville aka London!

The home of Big Ben, the Tube, and my love Fenix! I have to say that London was about Fenix for me. I'd finally get to see where she lives. And running into Thom Yorke wouldn't have been so bad either. 

We stayed with her in East London. It's known for hipsters haha. London was awesome. It was so clean and green. The people were chill, polite, and hardworking.


Double Decker
The Gherkin

Tower Bridge

After our first day of sight seeing and family time. Us girls headed out to Highclere Castle. We stopped at Borough Market for breakfast and some goodies for a picnic. 



I loved the architecture of Borough Market. It was partially under a bridge and then the rest of the market was under a green structure. The lighting was beautiful.

Off to Highclere! You might also know it as the Downton Abbey Castle.


I had to stop at Baker Street since
I am
_ _ _ _


The scariest thing about London were the Tube's doors. Unlike the States, the doors don't open if stick your arm in...they just shut. Fenix said that if a train is about to leave, don't risk it, wait for the next one. So there's a train about to leave and we wait. All of a sudden... Fenix jumps on it! Then L just jumps on. So of course I jump on, but that's when the doors start shutting. They don't shut slowly either... wham! My arm gets smacked! But luckily it didn't get slammed in the door. I walked away with my life, and a bruise. 

I love my cousins. Growing up, just one of my aunts lived here. So I grew up around three of my cousins. One of them, Fenix, knows me so well. She wanted to take me here, to Sketch. It was perfect for me! It was a mix Alice in Wonderland with some surrealist Dali-esk feel. LOVED IT!!! The Glade was my favorite room. It was tough getting an amazing picture, the lighting was dark. 

The Glade


We made our way to Buckingham Palace. If you can see it in this first picture, the flag was up. That means the Queen was in the house. As we were walking away I noticed police officers on motorcycles. I had a feeling they were escorting the Queen out of there. Fenix said it wasn't possible. Then the crowd near the gate yells... yup the Queen. Fenix so fails!



I have to admit, I got emotional when I saw Big Ben. It reminded me of being a kid. My favorite Disney movies growing up were Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. I hadn't even thought about that until I stood before Big Ben. It represented dreaming and not letting go of the imagination. Yes, becoming a grown up can make you forget to take time and dream. But in that moment, standing in front of Big Ben, I had just fulfilled one of my dreams. I hopped the pond and I was living.

"Dreams come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it." -Peter Pan

Big Ben

London Eye

On our last night in London, Tommi made us a delicious dinner. I have to say, I'm proud of you, Fenix. You took a chance to live your dream and moved. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. Thank you as well Tommi... For your hospitality and for loving my cousin so deeply and honestly. 

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." - Peter Pan

I will see you soon, London. 


  1. Thank you for loving your cousin and being such an inspiration for her. She always talk about you, you know?

  2. Love the new look!! The Big Ben I think of James Bond and Peter Pan, mostly Peter Pan! By the way a new James bond movie will be out soon I hope it isn’t crazily inappropriate.

    Love all those pics you look awesome and I’m sure you had a blast


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