Records and Coffee

When was the last time you just stayed home all day, listening to music?
Prior to today, I personally can't remember. Unplanned days with friends turn out to be the best. D and I just decided to hang due to a free day. Records and coffee, the simple things in life are best. Seeing how her house would be invaded with boys, I told Kathy S. to come over after work.
I have to say, D got some awesome shots yesterday.
taking care of my Peter and Gordon record 

D looking thru my vinyl

Kathy admiring Françoise


playing Dixit
I'm grateful for these girls. They make staying in my room so much fun. Their commentary during "Midnight in Paris" makes that movie even more magical and endearing to me. Love you, girls. 


  1. we always have fun!! its not easy to find people who'd love to sit around and listen to records all day lol!

    Love ya!♥


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