Icelandic Roadtrip

Alright, the girls and I have dreamt of this trip for some time now. We even know what the trip's name/ theme will be (I won't mention it now). Obviously, Sigur Rós is one of our inspirations, and their Heima documentary is a great place to start!

Heima Tour

I mapped out their tour after re-watching the documentary and consulting their tour diary. At first this looks way too intense to cover. I have to think about the wedding as well, it's the week before the close! At this point, I want to see how much we can get done. I did some research and came across some interesting information.

Iceland is about the size of Oklahoma, but the picture above is more relatable to me. Honestly, now it feels like Heima's tour can be doable! I'm starting to get excited!


  1. Wow! that's awesome , I kinda feel like "save the last dance for me" save the New Zealand trip for me lol!


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