Norður og Niður... Everything's Going to Hell

Iceland (from Heima Documentary)
One thing y'all should know about me by now: I live in a world of nostalgia. For most of my life, I've fueled that glow I get from the past with a dual-source: music and books. 
I immerse myself in words that ooze with sultry layers of what love and life bring. Through that never-ending hunt for inspiration, love, and nostalgia a certain band has always kept a place in my life.
 Y'all know that I'm a music junkie. I spend most of my money on concerts. I've seen so many in my life (Yes, I know I haven't kept up with the Center Stage portions of this blog, primarily since I don't keep up with this blog). This year there are more to come, especially with Interpol's TOTBL anniversary. Getting back to that previous band I mentioned in my opening paragraph... Sigur Rós. Yes, them again. You will always hear me speak of them, and you will always constantly see them on my IG and Snap. 
So many can talk smack, but honestly, I can care less what you say. Everyone has a right to like what they wish. If you don't get Sigur Rós, it's really your loss. 
It's a surreal world that Jónsi, Georg, and Orri create. When I first saw Jónsi play, it was like being in his dreamworld. As a band, the variety of emotions and worlds that Sigur Rós create cannot be recreated by anyone else. 
I think Sigur Rós came into my life when I was in middle school (thank you, D). With time, I even started looking into Iceland itself. I'm sure that's fueled their creative process along with other artists like Björk, Múm, and Of Monsters and Men. I cannot explain the beautiful eeriness of Iceland. Even a friend, Niko, said, "Yea, you would like Iceland; it's eerily beautiful." Stop now, and look it up... I'll wait. Look up @wheniniceland, @icelandtravel, @icelandair on IG. Crazy beautiful!
Sigur Rós
Well, I bring this all up because... Sigur Rós is returning to Iceland, after 5 years. Not only returning but yes, playing!!! Because of them, I am resurfacing to my blog. I have to say... Marisa, Liz, and I are GOING TO HELL!!! Haha... hold your horses and let me explain, rather, let Sigur Rós explain. This is right off of their website, "This december sigur rós cordially invite you to go to hell. “norður og niður” means “go north and go down”, but translates more accurately as “everything’s going to hell”."
Plans are still in the works, but the three of us have talked about going to Iceland for a few years now.
Our plan was to see the Northern Lights and hopefully have Jónsi and the boys there so we can stalk them. That's actually possible now! I'm kidding about the stalking...kind of. If you haven't watched Sigur Rós' Heima, you NEED to. Their tour playing in the scenery of Iceland will be our guide for our roadtrip. Time to plan. All I have to say is: VONLESKA!!! See you in hell, Sigur Rós!
my front row pic: April 2015 SB show


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