After work hours

So I had work today, 10AM... Interpreting of course. Pretty since morning with one of my passions in life. One of the things I love so much is how my schedule is random and my appointments are short, yet I get paid full time. After work (10:30AM) I head over to one of my favorite spots in LA... the Coffee Bar! So I had some coffee while I sketched, read, and practiced my German with my friend Vicky. Although I didn't go to the bookstore, which is sad but hey my money was for a dress and not for dozens of books I luge out every time I go in, I got a cupcake from Babycakes, yum! Since I was in Downtown LA, I headed over to Little Tokyo and got a dress... success!!! There's tons of things to do in Downtown, but there are my spots that I must hit up every time I'm there... 1904.

Coffee Bar


  1. After work hours are the best!
    Coffee just makes it that much better…. Awesome!


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