refurbish |riˈfərbi sh |
verb [ trans. (usu. be refurbished)renovate and redecorate (something, esp. a building).
I'm a busy bee, and I get bored with certain things fairly quickly. I have been searching for a new desk, something with enough surface area and storage as a desk that I have had since I was probably ten. Even though my old desk looked antiquated (in an old yellow color that matched my furniture and bed set as a kid), it was perfect for my tiny room. Yes the legs were on the verge of falling off and one of the drawers was in bad shape as well; but I couldn't find anything better!!! I love Ikea, but we all know that that's momentary furniture (I'll be blogging about my bureau later). So it's time to REFURBISH. I fixed the loose legs and the drawer. Then, I sanded down all the drawers and the desk. Of course I had to make the desk top black chalk board . I'm almost done...the drawers are drying in the garage. I shall add the finalized picture to this post later on... I just added the new pictures down below. I should send this to the Nate Berkus show...I'm desk proud. 

Partially gutted
Radiohead + The Cure= love.
Sanded down
First coat and primer
Finished top
Odd yellow

Typewritter (aka E.E.) & other nicknacks

Finished drawers




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