I Love L.A.

Traveling is one of the most exciting things one can do with their time and money. I'm saying this with the little experience that I have. But something that I have also noticed is that at time we ourselves don't know the city in which we live in. I have been not only privileged to live in the glorious city of Los Angeles, but to also explore it. It is so rich with history and secretive activities. There are tons of museums and galleries. There are buildings that on the street level look dirty (Theater district) but if you look up, the architecture is amazing. On days when there's nothing to do and you're low on cash...just walking in LA It's brings a level of energy. It's one on my addictions. Even though I want to travel and even more somewhere else in the future. My heart will always belong to LA. It's like Rilo Kiley's I Love L.A. says: "But when the palm trees bow their head, no matter how cruel I've been, LA, you always let me back in."
Audrey Hepburn Café

Eastern Building

Bradbury Building

Angel's Flight


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