Domestic life

So for about two weeks now I have been without a job...yay! I've been a bit busy with the daily cleaning of the house every morning. Afternoons have become boring...oh how dull! So I started to occupy my time with a few things I've wanted to do. 

TIES!!! So yes, I started on my ties. I started with knitted bow ties, but unfortunately I had the wrong type of yarn... gigantic ties!!! but I do have to say, it looks really cool.
The correct yarn

COOKING. I started to cook a bit more since my roommates say that I "don't do anything" (Note: I get up an hour earlier than when my day starts in order to clean the entire house). So cooking... The Chew has been my go to source for recipes. I do have to say some of my dishes have been better than I expected.
Deep dish pizza

Fried Shrimp Po' Boy with
Jalapeño Mayonnaise & Avocado

Chocolate Lava Cake...

with an ooy gooy inside.

GARDENING. I started planting a vegetable garden. So far, based on the seeds I had and the season, I have planted carrots, peas, and radishes. My peas started sprouting!!! I want to keep bees soon.


Green House I want from Anthropologie!!! 

Now that I have started a bit more projects, I realized that I can do the whole domestic thing (cooking and cleaning) but I don't want to, not my whole life at least. I can't JUST do that. The other side craft projects have helped out. 
With that, I will have ties up soon... I hope.

Random fact: I'm 23 today. 


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