As mentioned before, I love the city that I was born and raised in. The city's not the problem, it's the life that we live that can cause stress and sadness.
One of my favorite getaways last year was to Sonoma. Not only was I in wine country I was staying at a friend's vineyard. While staying there, I got to relax (not completely of course since siblings were among the present company). Being in nature, having so many acres to just us...tranquility. I loved walking down the vines, walking towards the owls' nest. I remember grabbing a book and heading over to the hammock under one of the huge trees one afternoon. Just reminiscing makes me feel better right now. 
We went hiking through the mountain ranges and riding a golf cart (the mule) up in the other side of the valley. Going up to "Party Hill" was one of the coolest things. One night the sky was full of stars, so close it felt like you can touch them. I really want to go back, especially the days that you feel off. These pictures cannot capture how my home for that week looked or felt. Either way, I'd like to share them with you... 

More Monterey

The front "lawn"
Outside of my bedroom
Amazing tree
Texture of the moss
Fallen tree's roots


  1. Beautiful pictures darling!!, The place looks a
    Little too much like Rivendell!! It’s awesome!!♥


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