Insanity and therapy

This past year has brought many up and downs. One thing that I'm vocal enough to share with people is the huge gap that graduation left. Yes I'm proud that I got my B.A. in four years, but I should have finished my double major. Well, with more time on my hands, you'd think I'd feel better but I'm not that type. I need a lot on my plate to feel like I'm using my time wisely. So every couple of weeks I feel like I'm going crazy. Being around family more, not doing anything during the week, not seeing my friends, not having papers or exams...I go crazy. So I have many little hobbies that I use as therapy.
At the moment, my manual camera is broken, and I don't have a digital so my photography has been put on hold. I like to sketch clothes that I'd like to make. I enjoy reading (my library is insanely rich with literature). As you've seen in my "Re-fur-bish" post, I like to create new things with old odds and ends laying around. I can crochet, I'd love to learn how to knit. I make authentic cards and gifts for my friends. I love being in nature, and yesterday I went up to Griffinth park with two of my closest friends. The hike was nice and the views were amazing. Also at the moment, I've been sewing. I'm working on a skirt out of this cute print. I will soon, hopefully, be making ties. So soon enough I will be posting stuff I'd like to sell. I make head pieces and other crafts that I think people would like. So I hope that I make a nice little business out of the therapy for my insane early mid life crisis.

Taken with my manual camera aka Ansel.

My sewing machine

Wall art I painted on my wall.
Painting I need to finish.


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