Anthro update

Since hired to work for the amazing Anthropologie, many of my friends ask me how things have been. So let me once again blab about it, just as an update.

Every time I walk past this, I smile

The customers. The customers for the most part are great. Of course anywhere one chooses to work, especially if there is high interaction with customers, is going to have its good and not so good customers. I haven't dealt with any unruly people just yet. I get a joy from helping the Anthro woman. I think what I enjoy the most is when I get to help in choosing outfits for special events. 

The coworkers. My coworkers are fun. Each person from the Anthro team has their own style and personality, adding their own mix to the pot. Late nights are the best with those outgoing people that shall remain nameless. The managers are so nice and they make sure we are all happy workers. They encourage us to inspire one another.

Inspiration wall... Hazel

My locker ... Fall is here

The clothes. Fall shipment is in for the most part. What else can I say except for, "I love it!!!" (I'll be blogging about the Fall later on). There are pieces that are must haves but I've been good and I haven't done any shopping. Although...I do have my eye on this one dress that is great everyday wear. 

The visual team. Before I started working for Anthro, I loved shopping there. The atmosphere is so soothing. All the senses are working when you walk in (maybe not gustatory haha). The olfactory... Capri Blue Volcano. The auditory... an array of artists from Lana del Rey to Gotan Project. The somatosensory... you can't help but touch all the garments and accessories. The visual... the clothes are amazingly detailed. The colors, prints, textiles draw in anyone. Beyond that known fact, the Visuals Team create different worlds with their window displays and home concepts within the store. 

The Anthro Café

I was able to speak to the head of the Visuals Team and I will be helping them out for the winter designs. I'm extremely excited to be part of one of the teams that makes our store so wonderful. More of these posts yet to come.


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