Nowadays you hear about DIY everywhere. Before that became mainstream and the term or rather abbreviation coined, I knew   it as making it work on a low or even non-existent budget. As a not rich person or child growing up, I had to recreate many things. 

Being the frugal man that he was, my father would rather invent things and solve problems than spend money. At first I didn't grasp that concept since I didn't mind the idea of buying new things, which I still do. Now being older, I do notice that some of my father's genes are active in me. 

As you've seen I refurbished some of my furniture. In my last post I rather do my own nails than get a manicure. I ombre bleached my friend's jean shorts (forgot to take pictures). And for those who didn't know already, I even cut my own hair earlier this year. 

My best-friend, V and my friend, A also had a 1920s party to go to last month... so I their headpieces. 

V's headpiece
A's headpiece
A & V


Now I'd like to share my last was a midnight project. I had some old jeans, I felt artsy, and I was listening to Radiohead. Make it work.

Measure and cut
Stitch ----
Ready to wear


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