Here Comes the Sun

G & J
If you have children in your family, I really recommend this activity. It helps kids connect with nature and also allows them to let their creative juices flow. It doesn't cost much and it allows you to have great conversation with your kiddies. 

There are two lovely little ladies that I had the pleasure to have over my house last week. I've known both since they were born; I even went to see them as newborns in the hospital. I was so happy to spend an afternoon with them. The plan was: gardening, arts and crafts. 

I bought some flowers that ran close to the girls' color preferences along with different paint. I reminded me of a Color Me Mine... but better because it was on our terms haha.      

pots, flowers, paint, and brushes            
They're all ready!

Of course the girls were ready, wearing their handmade aprons (made by moi of course). I was super excited to see what they'd create. You could definitely tell the difference between the girls' likes. Their both amazing and quite funny. While painting, they shared stories... very creative girls. We were playing The Beatles, and I love hearing the girls sing "Here Comes the Sun."

We had a second project going while waiting for the the pots to dry (which is up next) but these pictures are of the girls finishing up their pots.
G and her white flowers
J observing her final project
J's and G's pots

Okay, so the second project was a bird feeder. We found some pine cones earlier in the morning. After cleaning them, I tied a string around the top. The girls covered them with peanut butter and rolled it in bird seed (J ate most of the peanut butter before it even got near the pine cone hahaha). 

J: "Look I'm sitting on the table!" 

G... adorable!!! 
bird seed
We ended the day by having snacks and watching Willy Wonka. Oh boy did I cry from all the laughter!!! These girls are so smart and funny. After we cleaned up, we played Uno until Mommy picked them up. This day was so much fun!!! I just keep hearing their laughter, the Oompaloompa song (after Mike TV gets shrunken), and "Here Comes the Sun." Oh and I'll leave you with a G flashback... have a great day!

baby G


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