Soulmate friends

There are people in the world that you just click with. There's a level of understanding that is deeper than other friends or people in your life. A few years ago, I think two years ago, Diana came into my life. Off the bat, her sense of style drew us closer together, but then we got to talk and hangout even more. From movies, music, coffee, and (as mentioned before) clothes...we clicked. 

But as we spent more and more time together, our friendship, respect, and love for one another has grown. We can take about things that we never would with others. Those difficult conversations are about our feelings feel safe due to a nonjudgemental environment. 

She's there on my early mornings at 6 am even if she lives far. She's there late at night with a cup of coffee. I think we've become closer in these last few weeks. Life is so weird and it sucks. But we can push through it with help from friends. We can conquer all!

I'm so excited that this new year (September 2013) will be ours... partners in crime and hard working partners. Love you, sweetie! 


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