Street Style| Spring Street & 6th

Yesterday's day off still lead me to Spring Street. While trying to get my artwork exhibited in a certain gallery. I was headed home, and I still hadn't seen anyone with a look that truly captured my eye... 

that was until I bummed into Angelica!

I was actually crossing the street when I saw her, she made me turn back. What I loved about Angelica's look was that effortless look she has, mixing thrift and new. She mentioned she got her dress at Sway. I loved it... colorful but not to bright.

Something that I enjoy about wearing glasses is when you can have an entire conversation about frames. I love Warby Parker frames and all, but gosh when you find just an amazing, unique pair... you just go for it. Angela's retro frames just tied in who she was. I especially like the division and multiplication signs on them. 

I was in a better mood after talking to Angelica. Then I saw Jordan. 

Like Jordan, I hate staring directly into the camera! I just feel so awkward. So I totally understand the "don't look into the camera, don't look into the camera" pose. 

When I saw Jordan, her tunic/dress caught my eye. From afar, it looked embroidered. It was a cool dress. Then her ring! My eye kept ending up at the ring... gorgeous.

I like how these two ladies have similar looks... but they're two completely different feels! Even down to the boots. Thanks ladies for making my day! 


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