We Were at Peace

Surrounded by darkness. Trees grow from nothing. Not seen by human eyes, animals grow and live beneath the surface. Maybe with a car passing by every half hour. Us inevitably following its break lights for they are the only lights in the darkness. The road are quiet, with maybe a car passing by every half hour. As we stand surrounded by that silence and quiet, following the break lights is unenviable for they're the only light in the darkness. Nothing else moves, not even a breath can be heard. We continue driving as this song plays. It encompasses all that is being felt but not said. We are at peace with one another, and we are at peace with the world. Nothing else exists but that moment. Life's issues and worries are but a distant thought, like those brake lights that have become tiny specs miles away. It's time to go back home, back to life. Now we had to follow the red lights, back to the world made of bumper to bumper walls of red lights. We followed it until it became no more, lost in a sea of red. Back to our norm. But every time I hear that song, I close my eyes... I go back to that moment. Surrounded by darkness and faint silhouettes of the forest of Joshua Trees. The moment we were at peace.


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