Epic July 1st

Twice a week, almost without fail, I have coffee time with my beloved Diana. Our conversations cover basically everything. D and I met a long time ago, but we didn't become friends until I think two years ago. We're so alike. She got my quirkiness because I understood hers as well. 

Like previously mentioned in my post about Val, I really never had gal-pals. They usually didn't work because they were overly immature, catty, and or jealous that I was in the guy crowd. But things were different with D. Our conversations last hours, and there's never a dull moment. 

We've seen each other in the best and worst moments. We analyze everything haha. We truly do, just call me "Doc." I think our conversations have been a great channel for problem solving. She's my sanity and she's helped me reason. When I do something that is out of character for me (you know what I'm talking about, D) she helps me calm down. 

Now, all I have to say is that I'm so happy to have her in my life. I'm so happy for her! I'm happy that she's appreciated and loved by others. When I see you genuinely happy, happy for yourself, well sweetie... you deserve it! I'm ecstatic for you!JULY 1ST!!!! Hahaha. This is going to be a year to remember. 

You know how much I love you! 


  1. Lin!!! I Love you! I really do, thanks for being in my life.. Every time we hang-out I’m so siked {such a high school word} seriously you have this gnarly personality!! I could say so much more but I have time to do that later on Muah!♥


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