Point, aim, shoot...

I've been taking advantage of the fact that I am basically on my own more. It's Summer, and more of my friends are free from school or from working at school. Also, we live in LA! That means more outdoor events, concerts, and fun. 

Val let me use her camera, so I've been taking more photo adventures with friends. I've opened a Tumblr account since a gallery asked to see more of my stuff. So I've put all the digital stuff I have left on it: here you go

Over the weekend I went to LA, as usual. You'll find them up on Tumblr but I'll share them up here too. 

Angel City
I can't express how much I love the look of exposed brick... I feel that a building holds more history when it's made of brick. It shares its life with us when we look at it. The lines: "I'll be the fire escape that's bolted to the ancient brick, where you will sit and contemplate your day," say it all. Well, that song says a lot. It says a lot of what I want and what I want to be... but that will be saved for another post. 

We stopped at Gelateria Uli... I go every week... obsessed. 

Foster the People
This last picture is just to show off my skills haha.  
my skills


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