bob lob-BLOG

Yea... that was a joke, taking my own spin on an Arrested Development character, Bob Loblaw and relating it to blogs. 

The reason I blog is because I need somewhere to write, or rather type my thoughts down. I do random things, especially since I live in LA. So I like to share those adventures as well. Besides writing, I have blogs that I always read or look at. I'll just go over a few. 

I LOVE SCOTT SCHUMAN!!! His fashion pictures are so inspirational to me. Seeing people's fashion sense from different cities around the world is something I appreciate. I've met Scott at one of his books signings, he's amazing.

If I have Scott, I must have Garance as well. As you all know, Garance and Scott are married... such an amazing couple! Garance is so beautiful and adorable. She captures not just a photograph, but her take on what she's capturing in the shot makes it a blog I love reading. 

Ok... I'm not getting married or anything, but the array of ideas for parties that come from this site, well I can't resist from visiting this site. Also, engagement pictures or just the wedding pictures in themselves are very creative. 

Oh, what can I say about Love Taza? This family of four seems to be perfect. Their daily adventures put a smile on my face, especially pictures of their kiddies. 

I also have friends that have their own blogs. The ones I check out whenever they're updated are the following: 

I love D to death! We're always checking up on each other and we try to spend our early mornings together before life's responsibilities start for that day. The fact that we have shared interests always makes me want to see what new inspirational pictures she'll share. I especially enjoy little comments that are inside jokes between us, that's greatly appreciated. 

I'm not just saying this because she's my friend, but Yolis is soooo cool! She has three gorgeous kids. Her and her husband are the coolest parents I've met. Being able to see these kids, even just blog pictures of them, brings a smile to my face,

The newest addition to blogs that I check out frequently is Kathy with a K's blog. She's such an intellectual and witty gal, that I'm eager to see what she will be blogging about. I know that cool blogs will be the main topic. Bars and the characters in them. 

I try to keep up with all of these interesting people, learning about their likes and passions inspired me to continue with mine. I guess it's a window into the world. It's about different point of view and how people do have an affect on others. With that note, make sure to check these blogs out when you have a chance. 


  1. Hun!! I love all the Blogs! Especially Infinite Mystery!! I know the writer extremely well lol! JK JK! That for having me in your top picks! Ur blog is fresh and witty!, hey we should get together and plan an activity we could both feature in out blog!♥


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