Welcome to Hernespia!!!

This weekend, my Hernespia movie night finally became reality! The week prior to that Sunday had been crazy, but I knew I had to execute Hernespia. I started clearing my yard two weeks before. Trust me... that's a mission in itself :/

Deciding on the film was also difficult. I made an inventory of our films... 180 films. Overwhelmed by our love of film, I finally decided on Moonrise Kingdom. I love Wes Anderson films!!! I especially like the vintage feel the yellow tint of the cinematography gives off. Naturally... I went with a yellow motif.

I started cutting flags that I would string up, in between lights of course. I brought out our camping canopy and placed a table with a yellow tablecloth. Mason jars with name tags held the delicious strawberry lemonade my friend D made. It was amazing... especially with the tea infusion.

hand stitched onto twine

lights, flags, lights, flags

mason jars and name tags
Now, I do advice to have certain things prepared way in advance. For instance, the screen. I thought our table cloth would be perfect. The thickness of it was, but the size was too small. What I ended up using was a cheap shower curtain. It was fine, right size for the shot and it got the job done.

When deciding on what kind of food we'd have, I wanted it to be easy going. My friends Erika and Chochers brainstormed homemade pizzas, but seeing the active week we'd all be having... I settled on regular ordered pizza. We had sugar cookies, chips, freshly popped popcorn, and candy (Oh, and a 100% organic and sugar free pie... thanks Jo!) . Of course, there was wine and beer as well.

my childhood Radio Flyer held the drinks
All the chairs were set, and now the waiting game began. It was a good turn out. I believe there was a total of 15 movie viewers. The night turned out to be a double feature, we played The Help. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The night ended around midnight. It was a success and I'd like to thank everyone who came and brought something. It was fun! Hopefully I get to have more screenings for this Summer.

foreground: D & Jo

background: Sam & Suzy... letting sparks fly



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