Fenix... Overseas Visitor

Fenix & me

Being the youngest of the cousins here in the States, I wasn't really allowed to play with my siblings and cousins. The thought that I would get in the way or I'd get hurt was the usual excuse I'd get from my mother. Soon enough my cousins were in high school, and then college. My little cousin, Brian, was born when I was six, so I grew up taking care of him. 

My cousin Fenix left for London when I graduated from high school. Due to the distance, I think we've tried to stay into closer communication. Her visits are annual highlights to my life. She likes to call her days with me, "hipster days," which is odd seeing how I'm not a hipster. This time, I showed her around my neighborhood. 

We had Sunday Brunch at my house...royal brunch

Quiche, potatoes, crepes, & bacon (not mine)
Of course... we went to Spring Street. Especially to my sactuary... The Last Bookstore

We then went to Spring Street Park

Fenix is photo-bombing the sign

After exploring and grabbing some coffee... our stomachs let us know it was lunch time. My friend, Kathy with a K and I went to Guisados weeks ago. Since it's in Echo Park, around the bend from my aunt's house... I had to take Fenix. She and my sister both got the sampler. Oh and those are freshly handmade tortillas. 

The last stop for that day was where we'd spend many of our childhood Summer afternoons... Echo Park. The lotus looks amazing! I can't wait till the Lotus Festival next Summer.


I love my cousin so much. I also love creating new memories with her in our wonderful Los Angeles. 


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