As a child, I'd spent most of my vacations in San Diego. I consider it my second home and the guys I grew up with when I'd be there are my brothers. Their moms are kind of like my own aunts. It's all extended family.
Those were the bet times of my youth. When reminiscing about chasing animals at night, playing flashlight tag, and talking about the haunted house on the top of the hill,I still get a nostalgic feeling come over me.  
I bring this up because certain songs spark my San Diego memories. It's funny how the mind works. And for those that know me... I do have video of me at 3 years of age singing "Just Like Heaven" in it's entirety. But the following songs are those that trigger my long term memory and transport me to my mischievous days running around with a pack of 5 boys.

SD childhood songs: U2's "Mysterious Ways" and "One;" Nirvana's "All Apologies" and "The Man Who Sold the World;" and Saves the Day "Freakish" and "At Your Funeral."
Achtung Baby
Stay What You Are

Being the youngest of the rat pack... I'm great full not to have been listening to junk I'm sure kids my age were listening to. Keep enjoying your summer and make it memorable. So with that, I leave you today with a few lines from Nirvana "in the song, in the song I feel as one. In the sun, in the sun..." 


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