1930s: Music and Fashion

Hello all... after a busy and amazing weekend :) I am blogging again. This time I find myself stuck in another amazing era, the 1930s. 

What can I say about the 30s? Well, knowing me... the music is always first. If I got into jazz on all it's levels, from composers to trumpet players... I'd be here all night. A lot of musicians' careers spilled over into different decades. A lot of time i find myself listening to: Fred Astaire, Cole Porter (career starting in the late 1910s), Billy Holiday (starting in the 30s), Bing Crosby (30s-50s), Nat King Cole (starting in the late 30s), Duke Ellington (starting in the 20s), Ella Fitzgerald (starting in the 30s). 

I know I've missed many other great entertainers, so you'll have to forgive me. Love songs from back then seem to spew a level of wisdom that music now a day cannot. Love seemed important compared to the frivolous attributes it's given today. And at the moment, I'm just sticking to American musicians... let's not even talk about French musicians! 

Now clothes!!! This is why I wanted to talk about the 30s... because of fashion in that time. Fashion repeats itself, and it's time for the 30s. Of course I took some pictures from two very real people, Bonnie and Clyde. The 1967 rendition of Bonnie and Clyde's story did a great job in styling. 

Bonnie Parker

Faye Dunaway as Bonnie

Bonnie & Clyde

Back then, the silhouettes were streamlined. Long dresses, furs, hats, and short hair seemed to be the norm. 

There are many of gorgeous actresses to chose from in order to display the fashions of the 1930s ... I had to limit myself to a few. I leave you with these amazing ladies. 

Greta Garbo 

Jean Harlow

Obsessed with this picture

Vivian Leigh 



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