The English Class

Since I was a child, I dreamt about being a doctor. I wasn't sure what kind until in middle school. Being an obstetrician was the goal. Then being aware of my lack of comfort around pregnant woman, I noticed neurosurgery was what I really liked. Till this day, I still do. 

Once I got into high school, I was still set on that. When I reached my sophomore year, I went through what I considered back then my "mid life crisis." Yes, that's what I called it. I went into a panic, I realized I couldn't go along with that plan. I also realized I had a deeper love for art, music, literature, and language. 

I guess I had great teachers. I adored the infamous Mrs. Maruna! The reason I'm bringing all of this up is because I recently got into contact with another great English teacher, Mrs. Carle. She was my English and AP Psychology teacher... two topics that I love!!! I asked her to read and edit my book, Maps of Her Design. 

In her sophomore English class, we were supposed to write an one hundred-paged novel. I remember saying, "As long as you write more than half of it, you'll get a good grade." So I did exactly that, and wrote fifty-one pages haha. I didn't appreciate that topic back then. In middle school I would do more creative writing. Once in high school I got better at structured writing, essays and whatnot. So it was very difficult for me to write that novel. I can say I wasn't inspired back then, juggling my other classes and projects.

Now, I love writing. Whether I'm good at it not not, I get to express myself and the world I wish existed. Even when I blog, I do it for me. 


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