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The written word is something I love deeply. I have been able to maintain my reading even after graduating from school, although my Spanish reading has dwindled. While spending time with a friend (G aka Gorgeous) on Friday, he did mention his desire to write more and the issues with writer's block. 
And yes, writing had disappeared from my list of pleasures ever since high school. Well sure, I do love structured writing and did that all throughout college, but creative writing is something I lack. 
Something funny is that I did happen to find some free verse that I had written on, what seems an obviously depressing time based on the mood of the poem. 
So yesterday I tried a short story. Now, I did once again lean towards a darker mood, I guess I like when things seem darker and mysterious. Remember, I am not in anyway a professional writer. I just placed my pen to the paper and started writing. I plan to make a series of short stories based on the following one. Sorry if it's a bit of a downer, here it goes...
the mighty pen

"Riding Life"

She stared out the window, wondering about others' lives. If they lived better lives or just listless ones like her own. Tortoise shell sunglasses on, hiding what had become permanent sorrowful eyes. At her age meditation of who she now was and what she had was present in her thoughts. So many people had come and gone in her life. So many different types of relationships. So many hurtful times. Tears commenced to accumulate in her eyes; something they did so often. "Where are they going? What do they do in their lives? Are they happy?," she pondered as the car neared her destination. Melancholy wasn't her cup of tea. Recently dealt life experiences had changed something inside of her. A constant gloomy shadow within her always lurked now. But oh, what an actress she was. Fooling all others with a smile and a yearning for fun and life. She was lost in the maze of thoughts that were ever so evolving. A question is directed towards her, retracting her from her pensive state. She has arrived, ready to put on the mask her has made for herself.

my friend G


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