Wenanami Photo-shoot

I find myself inspired about last weeks events. This past Sunday I found myself in a car full of girls heading out to the LA Zoo. Instead it being a family oriented event, I found myself on a photo-shoot. No, I wasn't a model, but I got to help out this new company, Wenanami (all pictures are Wenanami property). 

K doing her thing
How did I get to work on this shoot? Well I find myself asking the same question. All I have to say that it's who you know. I have a friend that works there. Anyhow, the shoot was the typical hustle and bustle you'd expect. For those who live in LA, you know traffic is always a huge fact for someone's itinerary; so of course we were behind schedule. Then, well...who would expect so many people at the zoo on a random Sunday haha. 
one of my favorite pictures

Getting the animals to collaborate, getting people out of the way, having models change, and getting the perfect shot...it was fun! I loved it. The photographer got to get all the necessary shots for their Summer/Fall 2013 line. I was privileged to be taking pictures for the instagram and even videos for their new Vine account. I loved the t-shirts, awesome tribal inspired graphics. 
love the tiger shirt
It was fun to see people's expressions when seeing a group of girls all dolled up with full make up and cute clothes which included wedges and heels. I couldn't stop laughing at a little girl giving my friend K a "why is she dressed like that at the zoo" look. I think that little girl was more amazed seeing these models than the animals. At the end of the day, a drink was much needed. Make sure to follow Wenanami's facebookpinteresttwittertumblr, and instagram. It's going to be a huge company! Who knows...you might be seeing and reading stuff by someone you know. 

the crew...I'm the lion ^


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