Unplugged review and bikes

My first unplugged Sunday was this past weekend. I do have to admit, I wasn't completely unplugged since I was texting my best friend for ideas on how to get out of the house. But once we got out, I wasn't texting (my phone was dead). 

I did notice that I pay more attention to what's going on, although V was on her phone most of the time (as usual). Actually at this moment, my phone isn't working so it feels a bit weird not having it on. But I've been better about not being on my phone so much. That's probably because I've been having actual activities to do haha. 

Monday was a proactive day... fifteen mile bike ride. It was an overcast day, amazing day for a bike ride since it wasn't too hot or cold. I got my bike rack, my two bikes and headed out with V. She kept up and did the entire ride! 


V with no pedaling 

the trail
While walking around the Venice Canals, we went on a back street. This is one of the homes I loved, the brick covered in green, wooden doors, and a vespa. It was a fun day. Oh,

Yesterday I did some writing on the train, on the way home from work. So another "chapter" of my story will be up soon.
I was having coffee last night with a friend who shall remain nameless, but a phrase that came from our conversation was, "engaged, to be engaged, to be married." That's all I'll say about last night. 


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