maps of her design... occupations and new friends.

"...occupations and new friends."

Elise was always the studious type, not in order to flaunt her knowledge or seem like a pseudo-intellectual. She loved to learn about the world and people around her. It was in order to better herself. She understood that everyone was connected in one way or another, whether in a positive or negative way.

Society had lead many people to live as if their jobs were all that mattered. She didn't want to be that way. Yes, having somewhere to live mattered, but she actually desired to live instead of realizing life had passed her.

She was an aspiring designer, and her internship had lead her to Paris. Ah, so many wish to travel to the city of love. But who'd want that when their love stayed in the States. She'd been away from Julian for a year. Time differences, sleepless work nights, demanding clients, deadlines... it became her focus for that year. "Keeping in touch" was extremely difficult that year.

Avoiding the feelings of lonesomeness, Elise befriended a girl that worked within the same corporation, Clémence. And for the lack of a mastered pronunciation of the French language, Elise just called her Clemency. Clemency was your typical French girl, slender, and effortlessly fashionable. 

Clemency had become her confidant. They seemed like they had known each other for years. Their likings brought them together; to the point of living together as roommates. They traveled to work together, shared household responsibilities, and enjoyed the same pastimes (when time lend itself to have pastimes). 

Of course an amazing girl like Clemency wasn't single. Her boyfriend of four years, Stéphane (obviously Stephan for the Americans) lived a few blocks away. Stephan was a photojournalist for a local magazine. He looked like "mysterious type" but he truly could never keep a serious face. He was a sweetheart, and he loved Clemency deeply. 
They spent their free afternoons and nights having dinner parties. Sharing their perspectives about literature, music, art, and always the appreciation of life. The girls, Stephan, and Stephan's best friend, Xavier. Stephan had met Xavier on one of his teenage rebellious runaway excursions that lead him in Spain; they experienced their own mishaps that bound the two. 

Xavier owned and ran a bookstore/coffeehouse in Paris. He was the eclectic type, and sharing his interests with others made him a successful businessman. He would soon close a profitable deal, expanding his dream. Xavier thought his life was complete, that is, until he met Elise. Most American girls had a disfavored reputation but Elise was different. Despite knowing where her heart lay (since men do speak of these things amongst their friends), he had fallen in love with her. 


  1. J'aime cette histoire! Incroyable, fantastique!!You defiantly surpassed my expectations, brilliant! Clemency what a gal I tell you I can’t wait to read more of her endeavors, Xavier & Elise what a couple they will be can wait to read more about them. ♥♥

    -Loved this pot!!!!!Muah!♥


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