maps of her design...monday.

In my previous post, Back to writing, I did just what it was entitled, I started writing again. My first story was too solemn. So I'm trying to steer towards a more upbeat. So here's the second installment to my story which I have renamed, maps of her design... (It's a line from a Death Cab song) 

She awoke with a genuine smile upon her face. To most it was just another Monday, to her it was an adventurous day. Everything seemed brighter, the birds sang in an uplifting manner. Carefully selecting what she'd wear, she thought of what would be in store.
Yes, she'd be with him. She grabbed her camera and her bag and rushed out the door. As she nervously awaited to see him, she drank her coffee. She immersed herself into her book, sunlight softly falling upon her. The happenings of her book pulled her in deeper.
Then, all of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice say, "Elise!" That would be the voice she'd recognize for the rest of her days. The voice that would fill her with the warmth that the world lacked. The tone of joy when he uttered her name would never be replicated by anyone else.
She looked up and saw him standing before her, the man she loved and longed to be with. They had been apart for too long. Her career (at the time) had wedged itself in their lives. Besides that, they weren't in a relationship, and she feared there would never be a chance for it. Life never dealt her the right hand.
They talked and talked, catching up on the past year. He had grown and become a more honorable man than before. As he spoke of his life, she noticed the comfort he brought to her life was still there. She still had that safe world with Julian.
She had dated before, always the wrong guy; the guy who had nothing in common with her and didn't understand who she was. Julian had always been different and had always been there for her.
She suddenly realized he had stopped talking and was staring at her with a warm subtle smile. He asked her what was wrong, all she said was, "Nothing, I've missed you, that's all."


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